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Financial infidelity can make divorce difficult

Financial troubles can be a significant point of stress for anyone in West Virginia, and at some point in their relationships most couples will argue over money. But how can couples differentiate between normal financial stressors and something more? Sometimes people do not realize that their significant others have a money disorder until years or even decades into their relationship, or until they file for divorce.

Remarrying after divorce? Consider a prenup

Ending a marriage can be an overwhelming and difficult process, and some who have been through the experience in West Virginia come out the other side feeling as if they are done with marriage. With time these feelings often fade, and many go on to find new love after divorce. However, by the time people reach their second or even third marriages, they usually have more wealth to their name. Protecting that wealth before saying "I do" for the second time is important, so keep the following in mind.

Young couples less likely to divorce

The age at which the average American says "I do" for the first time is higher than decades past. Now, instead of walking down the aisle shortly after high school graduation, many young adults in West Virginia are focusing on college and their careers. Although there may be some who worry about what this means for marriage, it seems to be having a positive impact on divorce. That is, those who end up getting married seem to be in it for the long haul. 

Settling can be good for your divorce

Settling is often given a negative connotation. Teens and young adults in West Virginia are frequently told to not settle when it comes to their dream job, house or partner, giving many the idea that settling in any aspect of life is an inherently bad thing. However, when it comes to divorce, settling is not necessarily a bad thing. 

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