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Strange situations can complicate alimony

Spousal support is an important part of securing financial stability after a divorce. However, in a great many cases, spousal support -- also called alimony -- is not indefinite. There are often time limits on how long a person may receive support, and their actions may even mean that support could end early. For West Virginia residents currently receiving support, getting married often means that they no longer qualify to receive support from their ex-spouse.

Woman wants to stop paying alimony after ex won lottery

Although divorce formally ends a marriage, there are many factors that might continue to tie two ex-spouses to one another. From sharing children to making child support or alimony payments, many divorced couples are at least temporarily still linked together. However, there might be times when it is appropriate for a person in West Virginia to petition the court in order to have their alimony payments altered or even stopped altogether.

Alimony attorneys consider impact of tax law changes on clients

As West Virginia readers know, several new tax laws will be in effect at the beginning of the year. Very soon, couples walking through divorce will have to rethink how spousal support payments will work and what they could mean for a person's taxes. Alimony attorneys understand how important it is to adequately prepare clients for what these changes could mean for them.

Could a lump sum alimony payment be right for you?

For many people, getting a divorce is much like letting out a big breath of relief. However, after realizing that they will have to pay monthly alimony, all of that relief can quickly disappear. Those in West Virginia who are uncomfortable with the idea of remaining connected to their ex through spousal support or who simply would like an alternative to monthly payments, a one-time payment might be a good option.

The four types of alimony in West Virginia

One of the impactful things that can happen in West Virginia divorces is a party being granted spousal support, also known as alimony, through a court order or a settlement agreement. Under state law, there are four types of spousal support arrangements that can be set up. We’ll now go over these different types.

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