Understanding Spousal Support (Alimony)

When talking about spousal support (alimony) with our clients, we commonly hear two distinct questions: "How much am I going to have to pay?" and "How much will I receive?" The truth is, it depends on your unique circumstances.

During Alimony Negotiations, It's Not Always About What You Get, But About What You Gave

At Arnold & Bailey, we will help you determine whether you will collect alimony or if you will be obligated to make spousal maintenance payments. There are numerous factors that will play into the court's decision to award maintenance, including the standard of living maintained during the marriage, the needs of any children, and whether both individuals contributed financially to the relationship or if one party primarily cared for the home and children.

As your attorneys, one of responsibilities is to present a strong argument to protect you from paying too much or receiving too little. In some cases, a spouse may attempt to hide property and assets or paint a picture of hardship and indigence to receive a more favorable outcome. With years of experience handling discovery, property division and maintenance issues during divorce, we are well-equipped to help you regardless of your financial circumstances.

Many of our clients are teachers and federal workers. These individuals have retirement accounts and pensions through their employer that may be subject to distribution or factor into a maintenance agreement. We understand these benefits and will help ensure that they are properly accounted for during your divorce proceedings.

Whether Collecting Or Paying, A Skilled Lawyer Can Protect You Financially

When you work with our team at Arnold & Bailey, we provide you with clear, practical solutions that not only help you move through the current challenges you're going through, but provide the counsel to plan and protect your future.

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