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October 2018 Archives

Property division may not be what you expect

Most people are quite attached their property, and understandably so. Whether it is the perfect couch that one spent months shopping for or a favorite book that holds a great deal of sentimental value, a person's property often feels like an extension of him or herself. This can make dealing with property division during divorce -- an already emotionally-trying process -- incredibly difficult. However, understanding how the process works in West Virginia can help ease most people's worries.

Joint child custody and support -- how does it work?

Parents usually understand how important it is to focus on their child's best interests during the divorce process. When deciding on child custody matters, data and research seems to support that most children benefit from joint custody situations. While this might vary based on unique family needs, many West Virginia families are now utilizing joint custody. However, this raises some understandable questions regarding child support. 

Young couples less likely to divorce

The age at which the average American says "I do" for the first time is higher than decades past. Now, instead of walking down the aisle shortly after high school graduation, many young adults in West Virginia are focusing on college and their careers. Although there may be some who worry about what this means for marriage, it seems to be having a positive impact on divorce. That is, those who end up getting married seem to be in it for the long haul. 

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