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Research: Long commutes can lead to divorce

Do you have a long commute to work? Spending 90-plus minutes each day in your car can be a pain. Not only may it make you irritable, it means you have less time for your kids, and it can make date night with your spouse nearly impossible. Don’t let your small case of road rage infect the rest of your life.

Too much traveling can put a strain on a marriage. One study conducted in Sweden found that rates of divorce could be connected to the length of couples’ commutes. Specifically, those driving 45 minutes or more one-way are more likely to have marital trouble. The research suggests that the frustration of a long commute is bad for a marriage.

Is there an alternative to divorce in West Virginia?

Divorce is a difficult and significant decision. The transition not only affects you and your spouse, but your children and other family members involved. You might not feel like divorce is right at this time, but separation would be beneficial. West Virginia offers an alternative that is less permanent. Separate maintenance may be an appropriate option for couples who are considering other routes when it comes to the legal aspect of separating.

Grounds for separate maintenance in West Virginia

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