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Holding Police And Government Officials Accountable

The United States and West Virginia Constitutions protect all individuals from improper conduct by government and law enforcement officials. Government officials and law enforcement officers have a duty to exercise their power uniformly and fairly. When these officials commit civil rights violations, the lawyers at Arnold & Bailey will advocate for you.

Police Misconduct

When police officers arrest you for a crime in West Virginia, some police officers take great care to protect your constitutional rights. Other police officers, unfortunately, violate your legal protections.

When police officers act illegally, we will not hesitate. We take action when police conduct an illegal search, use excessive force or commit a wrongful criminal arrest. We will file claims against the police officers who abuse the power that has been entrusted to them.

Our firm has filed suit against all levels of government from local political subdivisions to filing suit against the United States government in the U.S. Court of Claims to safeguard our client’s constitutional rights.

Eminent Domain

Government agencies have a right to take your land if they use it for a public purpose. Government officials abuse this power through the improper seizure of land or by not fairly compensating landowners.

Our attorneys have litigated many eminent domain cases and are not afraid to confront the corrupt and abusive use of eminent domain. Arnold & Bailey will fight to protect your property rights against government agents who improperly assert the power of eminent domain no matter what branch of government is flexing its power of eminent domain.

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