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Settling can be good for your divorce

Sep 6, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

Settling is often given a negative connotation. Teens and young adults in West Virginia are frequently told to not settle when it comes to their dream job, house or partner, giving many the idea that settling in any aspect of life is an inherently bad thing. However, when it comes to divorce, settling is not necessarily a bad thing.

Unless someone wants to wind up dragging their feet and checkbook through court, negotiating is a necessary part of divorce. However, the point of negotiations is not to wind up with everything that a person wants. Negotiations should instead be viewed as a way to achieve some of what both people want. This means letting go of things that would be nice to get and focusing on what is most important to a person, whether that be keeping the family home or working out a better parenting schedule.

Of course there will always be individuals who ignore the idea of settling over the idea that they can still “win.” Movie fans in West Virginia might already be familiar with the ongoing divorce battle between actress Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Pitt has accused Jolie of cutting him off from their children while Jolie says her ex has not paid any type of child support. As they both seem to dig their heels into the ground, everyone around them — including their children — is watching. Reaching an agreeable settlement not only helps couples find a quicker solution for their divorce, it also keeps their personal details under wraps.

Not everyone in West Virginia will be able to avoid going before a judge to figure out their divorce details. Some people have particularly difficult exes while others might have extremely complicated assets. However, for couples who are capable of keeping the end goal of a successful divorce in mind, reaching a settlement through negotiation can be a smart and effective choice.