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Remarrying after divorce? Consider a prenup

Nov 28, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News

Ending a marriage can be an overwhelming and difficult process, and some who have been through the experience in West Virginia come out the other side feeling as if they are done with marriage. With time these feelings often fade, and many go on to find new love after divorce. However, by the time people reach their second or even third marriages, they usually have more wealth to their name. Protecting that wealth before saying “I do” for the second time is important, so keep the following in mind.

Talking about money before tying the knot is essential. Soon-to-be-married couples should be sure to not only disclose their assets — even their debts — but should also discuss how they plan to handle their finances. Will separate property stay that way? How will joint finances be handled?

Figuring out how to merge two families is also necessary. One person may have traditions with his or her children from a previous marriage while the other might do something completely different. There is no point in waiting until issues arise to begin discussing them, and couples can actually clear the path for better future celebrations by figuring out the hard details early on.

These types of discussions often lead to couples wondering whether a prenuptial agreement is right for them. For many in West Virginia, the answer may be a resounding “Yes.” A prenup can do far more than simply protect a person’s separate property in the event of a divorce, although that is an important feature. These valuable documents can also give couples the opportunity to start their marriage with open and honest conversations.