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Child custody and co-parenting — is it more work?

Feb 21, 2019 | Child Custody & Support, Firm News

Effectively co-parenting after divorce can be difficult but worthwhile for parents and children alike. However, working together with an ex-spouse is not always as easy it may seem. West Virginia parents who are considering co-parenting or wondering if they need to modify their child custody agreement should keep some of the following in mind.

Maintaining consistent rules and boundaries across both parents’ households is a common feature of co-parenting. This might seem like a good idea until one parent is tired or does not want to upset the children, and gives in. While this should generally be avoided, life does happen, and parents should be ready to address these issues in a respectful manner.

Getting over these types of hurdles is another important feature of co-parenting. Just as with those who are still married, parents will disagree over which rules should always be enforced and which are okay to let slide from time to time. This is why some experts advise those who want to co-parent to create a list of shared core values. Understanding what is most important to both parents will come in handy when dealing with difficult issues.

Co-parenting can be an appealing idea. Rather than relegating one person as the primary parent and the other as a weekend parent, co-parenting gives both people the opportunity to remain actively engaged in their children’s lives. However, this method also requires more time, effort and compromise from West Virginia parents, so individuals should be sure to carefully consider the implications before moving forward with child custody decisions.