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Make sure you are prepared for divorce

Feb 5, 2019 | Divorce & Retirement Assets, Firm News

Deciding to end a marriage might feel easy enough — a couple files, divides up their assets and then they are done. However, taking a casual approach to divorce can ultimately lead to disaster. Here are a few things that West Virginia couples may want to keep in mind during a divorce.

Social media commands a lot of time and attention, and it can be difficult to imagine a world where users do not share the smallest details of their day. But what if a person’s social media feed does not match the details they provided during a divorce? Take for example a husband who insisted that he could not afford a proposed settlement even though it was fair to both parties. If his social media feeds shows him taking expensive vacations or enjoying an otherwise lavish life, his soon-to-be ex-wife could potentially use these as evidence that he can indeed afford the proposed settlement.

People might not have to turn to social media to find evidence as long as they accumulate all of the proper paperwork. Gathering documents that show joint accounts and their balances, receipts documenting marital purchases, information about retirement assets and much more help paint a fuller financial picture. When couples fully understand not only what their marital assets are but the implications of keeping or getting rid of property — such as future taxes — they can make the most well-informed decisions possible.

Divorce is not always easy. People often struggle to deal with the legal side of the process on top of the emotional side of ending a committed relationship. Although difficult, divorce is still a worthwhile venture for unhappy couples in West Virginia, and it can be made somewhat easier by fully preparing necessary documents for difficult processes, such as property division.