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Dealing with a spouse who is always gone for work

Nov 14, 2019 | Divorce

It can be lonely and frustrating when your partner is often gone for work. Maybe he travels a lot, puts in long hours or has an extensive commute. Whatever the reason may be, he’s not home as much as you’d like – and it’s wearing on your marriage.

When your spouse is often gone for work, you might feel like you’ve been replaced by his job. Maybe you feel like you’ve been left alone to do the majority of housework and childcare. And these negative feelings can lead to bigger issues – or worse, a divorce.

On average, couples that have at least one workaholic partner divorce at twice the average rate. In order to combat these statistics, there are strategies you can follow to keep your marriage healthy:

  • Set work boundaries. You may consider making rules for when your spouse is home, such as no cell phones at the dinner table. Or maybe you block off time once a week to do something romantic. This could be as simple as dedicating 30 minutes to a glass of wine and conversation.
  • Encourage them to follow their schedule. You’re probably sick of constantly asking your spouse if he’ll be home when he said he would. You could encourage him in other ways, such as always making dinner at a certain time – and if he’s late, he misses it. Or stick to any plans you made with the kids, rather than adjusting your schedule if he’s running late again.
  • Consider therapy. A marriage counselor can help you and your spouse address these issues. A counselor can help you practice healthy communication and provide guidance and advice. If your spouse is reluctant to go to therapy, you could explain to him the gravity of the problem – and that you don’t want it to result in divorce.

Being married to someone who is always gone for work can be exhausting. But these tips may help you get your marriage back on track.