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Can time together negatively affect a marriage?

Mar 31, 2020 | Firm News

time together negatively affect a marriage

Spending time together is important in every relationship. For married couples, this is often difficult to accomplish, considering how careers and children’s activities can fill up the calendar.

While date nights and family vacations are a fun way to reconnect, spending too much time together could shed light on marital problems. Being quarantined with your spouse is stressful under any circumstances. However, there are some ways you and your spouse can help each other through this difficult time.

  • Share emotions. The current pandemic raises many questions, concerns and fears, all of which individuals deal with in their own way. Openly supporting your partner’s journey can make a tremendous difference in how your relationship fares once things return to normal.
  • Find healthy ways to manage stress. Many people feel stuck and restless when they are removed from their familiar day-to-day surroundings, such as a work environment. The stress of potential illness and separation from friends and family can weigh heavily on your emotions. Coping strategies can make quarantine more bearable – especially if the two of you work on mood management together.
  • Act with kindness. Naturally, you love your partner. Though, day after day, stuck in the house together, every one of their habits might begin to grate on you. During this challenging season, purpose to treat your spouse with respect and allow some grace for their potential irritability with you as well.

It is too soon to tell when you will be able to return to work or interact with others outside of your home.

Hopefully, the current stay-at-home order will allow you and your significant other to strengthen your relationship. Though, if this time together makes you realized things are not working, ending your marriage may open the door to your new normal on your own. Contact us now to set an appointment.