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Stepping away from emotional conflict in divorce

Apr 2, 2020 | Divorce

Many people who get divorced in West Virginia have to deal with significant emotional conflict in divorce. When people decide to divorce, they should try to take the high road instead of allowing themselves to be embroiled in ongoing conflicts with their spouses. By taking steps to avoid unnecessary arguments, people might have smoother divorce processes and lower litigation costs.

Sharing information and being flexible

People who share children with their estranged spouses should remember that their spouses are people who should be treated with respect. They should be willing to share information about their children freely and remember that their children come from both parents. Parents should never discuss the details of their divorces with their children beyond telling them that the divorces are happening. They should refrain from talking negatively about their spouses to their children. Being flexible with schedule changes to benefit the children is also important. Parents should remember that flexibility is important to their kids. Being rigid about schedules will not help anyone.

Be evenhanded

Some people who divorce try to get the upper hand on their spouses or do things to try to make the process harder. Do not hide assets, send repeated text messages, or engage in other behavior simply to try to get back at your spouse. If your spouse tries to bait you, resist the urge to engage. Take a deep breath and withdraw from the conversation. If you are fighting over an asset, consider its value and whether it is worth the legal fees you are paying to try to get it. If it is not, be willing to let it go. People who can resolve their outstanding legal disputes through negotiation might be happier than if they had left everything to a judge to decide for them.

The end of a marriage can be an emotional minefield. People who are getting divorced might want to work with experienced divorce lawyers who can help them navigate through the process. An attorney may help his or her client to step back from emotional conflict and view the situation from a more logical perspective.