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Is using mediation for divorce successful?

Jul 13, 2020 | Divorce

Many people who live and work in Washington D.C. understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy home life. Sometimes, it takes the stress of daily commutes and financial demands to reveal underlying issues in a marriage. When spouses find themselves unhappy, it may be time to file for divorce.

Divorce can be stressful, but some couples can make it easier for themselves. Spouses who can safely speak and listen to each other may turn to mediation for their divorce.

Mediation provides several benefits

Couples may request that a judge rules for mediation for their divorce. Often, asking a judge is all the reason they need to grant the request. Couples can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Choice of mediator: With traditional litigation, the courts assign a judge to oversee a divorce. With mediation, couples can choose from many professional mediators. A good mediator is a neutral party with training in communication and collaboration. A mediator will not issue a ruling in negotiations but guide the discussion toward compromise. Spouses who are enthusiastic about mediation, especially parents, can learn a lot about empathy, listening and cooperation with a mediated divorce.
  • Accommodating schedule: Traditional litigation limits scheduling options as well. Often, couples must wait months for an opening in a courtroom schedule. With mediation, negotiations can begin whenever the couple wishes. Couples should choose a private, neutral location.
  • Less expensive: Divorce can cost a couple upwards of $10,000 using traditional litigation. Couples do not use a courtroom with mediation, so do not incur the very high court fees. Additionally, many lawyers charge reduced rates for mediation, and some courts even cover the cost of a mediator.
  • Greater reported satisfaction: Couples who use mediation report greater satisfaction with their resolution than those who use standard litigation. Couples who design their agreement together will feel more invested in its execution.

A lawyer can assess a divorce case

Spouses with questions about divorce can find answers with a local attorney familiar with D.C. family law. A lawyer can help evaluate one’s case, recommend professional mediation services and draft comprehensive divorce agreements.