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What documents a divorce attorney needs

Jul 10, 2020 | Divorce

When preparing for a West Virginia divorce, it is best to know what the attorney will want to see at the first meeting. This will save time and enable the attorney to hit the ground running. The more prepared an attorney is, the better able they are to represent their client.

Whether a person brings hard copies of documents or uploads them to the cloud, the attorney will need documentation of all the accounts, property and debts that the couple has together. They will need to know this so they can help their client formulate a negotiation strategy. They will also need to verify that the other spouse is being truthful when they disclose their assets.

One of the most important documents that the attorney needs is the couple’s tax return. This will give an idea of each spouse’s income. To back this up, the attorney will also ask for pay stubs for both spouses if available. Moreover, a person should make sure to give the attorney statements for every account that has an asset or a debt so that they understand the financial picture. The fewer questions the attorney needs to ask, the less time they will need to spend to get up to speed. That will save the client both money and stress as they seek to make progress on the divorce and bring it to a close.

Hiring a divorce attorney may help make the whole process go more smoothly. Those who try the handle the process themselves could either make unforced errors or heighten the emotional burden that they are forced to bear. The attorney may handle the details of the divorce along with negotiating the agreement with the other spouse, making their client’s life easier.