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Common mistakes to avoid when going through a divorce

Aug 3, 2020 | Divorce

It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to hope for a quick resolution with limited conflict. However, the desire for a peaceful split can be at odds with the need for a equitable division of property and separation agreement, especially if the parties. Here are a few of the mistakes that can make a divorce unnecessarily challenging, lengthy or unfair for Virginia families.

Divorce is emotional. Despite this, it can help to remove emotions from the business of splitting assets and coming to an agreement on issues like spousal support and child custody. Bringing emotions into a divorce can lead to serious mistakes, like not following a court’s orders, which could have significant legal consequences. Other mistakes include trying to punish the other spouse in a divorce settlement or putting children in the middle of conflict. Obviously, there will be emotions in play when a marriage ends; however, it is best to deal with the emotional issues separately from the business and legal decisions.

Another major mistake people make is trying to hide or spend assets in a divorce. When one party thinks the other does not deserve something, he or she may try to conceal it, spend it or destroy it before it can be given to the spouse. This can have significant consequences, so keeping things above board is definitely a good idea.

How can one protect assets without resorting to hiding or spending them? The best option is to find a Virginia family lawyer with experience in these matters. A lawyer can help to remove emotions from the equation by handling the legal matters, so a divorcing person can focus on moving forward and starting the next chapter of life.