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When is it a good idea to start dating after divorce?

Oct 12, 2020 | Divorce

After a marriage ends, it is common for both parties to, eventually, jump back into the dating pool. But, there are many questions West Virginia adults may have when it comes to dating after a divorce. Is there such a thing as too soon, or not soon enough? What is the best way to meet someone new? Of course, many people will also wonder how fully opening a new chapter with a new partner may impact things like child custody and spousal support. Deciding when one is “ready” to move into a new relationship comes down to many factors.

While there is no official “right time” to start dating after divorce, individuals can benefit from taking stock of their readiness. To start, people should be emotionally prepared. Having legal and financial issues clarified is also important. For people with families, readiness may also involve considering how children are feeling and adjusting to the new situation.

After a divorce, some people may be a bit vulnerable. For example, those whose marriage was devoid of emotional intimacy may be more apt to fall for someone who says kind and loving things. While it is good to look for what one wants in a new partner, stay aware of what might be “red flags” and avoid moving too fast, in case someone’s intentions or character are not what they seem.

When children are involved, financial arrangements are tentative, or a divorce isn’t completely done and signed off, dating could put someone in a vulnerable position. Even picking the right person can cause challenges if the situation they are entering has complexities. As such, it is a good idea to check with one’s West Virginia family law attorney about what vulnerabilities could be impacted by dating, as well as considering the personal and emotional readiness factors listed above.