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Co-parenting tips to keep kids happy and secure

Mar 6, 2021 | Child Custody & Support

Ending a marriage or relationship with kids in the mix can be particularly tricky, both emotionally and logistically. Although this can be a stressful situation for a parent, it is important to remember that it is also a major change for the children involved. Even exes who don’t get along under normal circumstances can often able to arrange a co-parenting plan that puts the kids first. Here are a few considerations for West Virginia divorcees looking to create an amicable co-parenting arrangement. 

  • Pick your battles: There will be some things that parents do differently, and not every decision made by the other party will be adored by their ex. Clarify important issues the front end, such as house rules and safety expectations. At the same time, work to understand that the other parent might not always do things exactly the same way. If there is an issue worth discussing, do so calmly and non-judgmentally.
  • Find joy for oneself: Happy parents lead to happy kids. Find ways to stay positive and enjoy alone time, so when kids are around the disposition and mood is positive.
  • Get support: From loved ones, to co-parenting apps, to legal expertise, there are so many tools and support systems out there. No one needs to go into co-parenting alone, and being willing to ask for help can be a big game-changer in making life better for all involved. 

Children may take time to adjust to the new family situation, but having happy and communicative parents can make a big difference in these adjustments. Even in a tense co-parenting situation, having clear discussions early, entering conversations with the right tone, and leaning on the many support services can help minimize conflict and confusion. Individuals looking for legal support in developing or refining a co-parenting and child custody arrangement should speak with a West Virginia lawyer.