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Which professionals can help make a divorce easier?

Sep 22, 2021 | Divorce

Easy divorce

Going through a divorce can often feel lonely and a bit confusing. One of the best ways to combat this while also going through the process sooner is to surround oneself with the right “team.” There are several types of West Virginia professionals who are highly equipped to help manage the financial, emotional and legal aspects of a divorce. Involving these individuals in the process can help to clarify issues, inform decisions and, overall, make the process smoother.

Here are some of the professionals you might engage when going through a divorce:
  • Accountant: When it comes to property division, knowing one’s assets and liabilities is key. An accountant can prepare and verify the paperwork and deal with taxation issues, so everything is clearly laid out when it comes time to divide marital property.
  • Financial Planner: Many divorcees need to adapt to a new financial reality. They also may need to advocate for their interests in a divorce, clarifying requested amounts for spousal or child support. A financial planner can help people come up with a strategy before, during and after a divorce, taking into account the different circumstances that one might face at each stage.
  • Counselor: Taking care of one`s mental health is important, especially in stressful times. A counselor can help people build strategies to manage resentment or negative feelings, and help them work toward their ideal future. Having clarity of mind and coping strategies for the emotional journey of divorce can serve people well in all aspects of their lives, including the legal side of things, as it can help prevent outburst or emotional decision-making. A divorce coach may be another option for some.

In addition to the above, a West Virginia family lawyer can prove invaluable when going through a divorce. Finding the right legal professional and engaging with them as early as possible in the separation process can make a big difference in the overall outcome as well as peace of mind. Overall, having a “team” of professionals can ultimately save people time and money while divorcing as well as help keep them healthy and happy during this often stressful time.