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Possible signs of an impending divorce

Jun 10, 2022 | Divorce

Impending Divorce

When people get married in West Virginia and elsewhere, they do so with the hope and understanding that the marriage will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, some marriages do not work out, and some statistics put the rate of divorce at 50% or more. Typically, there are signs that a divorce may be in a couple’s future, and the following list some of the issues people should watch out for that could spell trouble for their marriages. 

Red flags 

Divorce can happen for a variety of reasons, and many times, a divorce is precipitated by more than one issue that erodes the marriage over a period of time. Some important issues that may raise red flags that a divorce is imminent include the following: 

  • Bringing up the past – Some couples regularly bring up past mistakes the other spouse made or rehash the same old argument time and again. These unresolved issues can lead to problems. 
  • Communication issues – Successful married couples regularly communicate with each other to express feelings and learn more about what the other spouse is going through. Not being able to talk with one’s spouse is a clear sign of trouble. 
  • Lack of physical intimacy – More than just sex, physical intimacy can refer to things such as kissing, cuddling and holding hands in public. If spouses cannot stand to touch one another, there are probably major issues with the marriage. 
  • No respect for the other – Along with communication, a successful marriage is based on mutual respect. When spouses do not respect their partner, it can mean they no longer see themselves as equals or simply do not care about the other as they did in the past. 

Feel a divorce is imminent? 

These are just a few signs one’s marriage could be in trouble. There are many other factors that can lead to a breakdown of a marriage. Those in West Virginia who feel they have reached the end of the road with their spouse should consult with an experienced family law attorney to help them understand their rights and options with regards to impending divorce. A lawyer can also serve as a steadfast advocate for them and their children throughout the divorce process.