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Couples counseling may prevent divorce in some cases

Oct 14, 2022 | Divorce

Couples Counseling

When a marriage in West Virginia starts to crumble, some people simply give up. Living in an unhappy marriage is difficult for everyone, especially if there are young children in the home. But there are some steps one can take before filing for divorce to attempt to save the marriage. Couples counseling can be beneficial for both parties and in some cases, it can save the marriage. 

How couples counseling works 

Many professionals who counsel couples are specially trained in helping them deal with common marital problems. A couple’s counselor acts as a third party to help the couple talk through their problems in a neutral setting. The counselor may be able to help with finding effective communication skills and problem-solving strategies so the couple can be better prepared when issues arise in the future.  

Counseling is not always the solution to an unhappy marriage. In some cases, there is no fixing the issue and there are specific circumstances where couples counseling is not recommended. This includes when one or both parties are involved in another relationship and when one party is not willing to try counseling. Victims of abusive situations should not attempt couples counseling and should instead get themselves away from the dangerous situation as quickly as they can.  

Seek help when a marriage is not savable 

Counseling can work, but sometimes, there is no solution that can save a marriage. When one realizes that their marriage is over, it’s important to seek legal assistance to see what steps must be taken next. A West Virginia family law attorney can help individuals who have decided to dissolve their marriage deal with all the legal matters that go along with the process.