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Helping children through the divorce transition process

Oct 25, 2022 | Divorce

helping children through divorce

When West Virginia parents divorce, children can often feel confused about all the changes that inevitably happen. Kids may not understand the complexities of divorce, but they do know that their family life is different. Age-appropriate conversations with children can help them better deal with their parents’ divorce. Parents can encourage kids to ask questions which can help them feel more comfortable with the changing family dynamics.

Talking to kids about divorce

Children can struggle with understanding such an adult subject as divorce, but they will quickly realize that their family life is different. Parents going through a divorce should try to stay positive and be sure to tell their children that the divorce is not their fault. There is no need to speak about the specific reasons for divorce and it’s especially important that a parent does not speak negatively of the other parent when the children are around.

If possible, it’s best for parents to be together when sharing news of the impending divorce. This initial conversation should include age-appropriate information with neither party shifting blame to the other. Allow kids to ask questions and acknowledge the fact that the coming changes will be challenging. Parents should consider enrolling kids in therapy if they are having a particularly difficult time with the divorce.

Seek legal advice

Divorce is a complex and emotional situation for everyone involved, especially when there are minor children to consider. While it’s important for parents to prepare their children for the inevitable changes, it’s also essential to seek legal advice. West Virginia residents who are thinking about dissolving their marriage can benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney to know what to expect during the process.