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Tips for parents going through post-divorce holidays

Nov 28, 2022 | Divorce

post divorce holidays

The first holiday season after a life-changing event such as divorce can be very difficult for many West Virginians. Those with children may have to adjust schedules to allow time for both parents to celebrate separately. One may have different living arrangements, and a new financial situation can greatly affect holiday celebrations. Tips from others who have been through a similar situation can help new divorcees navigate their first holiday. 

Prepare for many changes 

Life changes after divorce are inevitable. Even in amicable situations, divorcees don’t tend to celebrate holidays the same way they did when married. If children are involved, parents should understand that children of any age may struggle with splitting holidays. Starting some new traditions can be helpful. It’s also important to know and follow the holiday custody schedule to prevent any legal issues. 

Some newly divorced people enjoy making new holiday traditions. Parents should acknowledge the changes without dwelling on negativity. Kids may wish to make a new tradition with each parent. When a parent is alone for the holidays due to custody schedules, they may enjoy traveling or spending more time with friends. 

Seek legal help for divorce answers 

Holidays are steeped in traditions, but after divorce, many of those traditions must change. Kids benefit from stability and continuity, but they can also enjoy new holiday traditions. West Virginia parents who are going through a divorce can get answers to all their questions by consulting an experienced family law attorney. This can provide insight into coming to terms with all post-divorce life changes.