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Nesting is an option for some divorcing parents

Jan 7, 2023 | Child Custody & Support

Nesting divorce

When a couple with minor children divorces in West Virginia, determining new living arrangements can be quite a challenge. The divorcing couple may be dealing with asset division, which may mean selling the family home, and they will also be dividing up custody with the children. This time can be confusing for kids as they are going through many changes. Keeping a stable home for the children through nesting is an option that can work well in some circumstances. 

How nesting works 

Nesting is a term used to describe the living arrangements of separated or divorced parents. The former couple maintains a family home, which may or may not be the residence they lived in while married. One parent lives at the home part-time with the kids while the other lives somewhere else. The parents alternate living at the family home, which allows the kids to have one home where they stay all the time.  

This arrangement can work in situations where the split was amiable, and the parties can communicate effectively. Nesting is usually a temporary arrangement that provides the children with some stability they may not have when switching from one home to another. Nesting isn’t for everyone, and divorced parents should talk through all possible scenarios before agreeing to this living arrangement.  

Legal assistance with child custody arrangements 

Divorce is complicated, especially when kids are involved. When one is going through a divorce and attempting to make custody arrangements that best benefit the children, seeking help from an attorney is important. West Virginians can better understand their options and work with their attorney and the other party to find an agreement that helps the children transition to a new lifestyle.