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Self care tips to help you get through a stressful divorce

Jan 19, 2023 | Divorce

self care tips

When you and your spouse first married, you likely had audacious goals, dreams and hopes for the future. However, changes in circumstances, or just life in general, may have extinguished the fire that was once there. Perhaps the reasons you both decided to wed no longer exist, and the best course of action for your marriage is to end it. Regardless of if a divorce is wanted or not, it can be one of the most emotional and stressful events that any West Virginia resident can experience in life.  

Ending a years-long marriage often triggers unsettling and painful emotions because it is a big loss. You’re not only losing a life-partner, but you are also losing the dreams and goals you once shared with your spouse. Understandably, dealing with this major life change may be difficult for you. Now more than ever, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is of the utmost importance. Here are some self care tips you can do to take care of yourself and facilitate healing after a divorce. 

Keep a routine 

When it comes to coping with the drastic life changes brought on by divorce, a daily routine is critically important. During this time of increased stress and uncertainty, maintaining a consistent day-to-day routine may help you feel more organized and in control. Create an outline for your new routine by writing down what you want a normal day to look like. Include everything from work to household chores. 

Nurture yourself daily 

When creating and establishing a daily routine, be sure to include time for activities that you find soothing and calming. These can be things like going for a walk in nature, enjoying a hot bath, reading a book or spending time with good friends. Scheduling time for these nurturing activities is one of the most helpful ways to manage the stress and anxiety of a marital breakup. 

Exercise and nutrition 

Exercise is not only important to maintaining physical health, but also mental health. Numerous studies have shown that a regular exercise routine is one of the best and most healthy ways to combat depression and stress. Also, do not overindulge in your favorite junk foods as tempting as it may seem. Make it a point to instill healthy and nutritious foods into your diet. 

Lean on others for support 

To get through a divorce, you may need people you can go to and lean on for support. Your support could be close friends or family, but keep in mind that there are also divorce support groups in nearly every city for people who are going through the same experience as you. There is also professional help and support available for any person who needs it. Healing from a divorce just takes time, but if you establish and keep healthy habits, you can come out of this experience as a better person with a new hope for the future.