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Mediation can work for some divorcing couples

Feb 3, 2023 | Divorce

Every West Virginia divorce is unique, and there are no divorce rules that work in every situation. Some divorces are contentious and leave couples fighting over things like custody arrangements and the division of assets. But when the divorcing couple has an amicable relationship, and they can work together to make post-divorce arrangements, mediation can be a good choice. With mediation, both parties can save time and money, plus the process is often less stressful than going through lengthy court proceedings.

Understanding mediation

During mediation, a mediator acts as a neutral party to help the divorcing couple work through divorce matters. The mediator can also provide information on the divorce process based on the laws of the state in which the couple resides. Mediation can resolve such issues as asset division, parenting time, and spousal support.

Mediation is often much quicker than going through hearings, but it doesn’t work for all couples. The mediator exists to help the parties agree on divorce terms, but they do not make recommendations or make any final decisions in the divorce. Those decisions are left up to the divorcing parties and the mediator is simply there to provide options and let the couple know the choices they have.

Legal help is always advised

While the mediator can be very helpful when deciding on specific divorce matters, both parties should also have their own attorney present during mediation. West Virginians who plan on divorcing should seek legal advice from an experienced family law attorney before making any decisions pertaining to the divorce. An attorney will provide guidance on the laws in the state as well as the rights and obligations of divorcees.