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Signs that could mean your marriage is headed for divorce

Mar 22, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce signs

If you are having problems in your marriage, you may already know in the back of your mind that divorce is a very real possibility. Just thinking about going through a marital breakup may give you an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Divorce can be one of life’s most challenging events, and it’s safe to say that no person in West Virginia truly desires to experience it. Although every marriage goes through rough patches, why is it that some marriages survive while others dissolve?

The reasons spouses divorce are as numerous as they are complex. While something major like infidelity can stop a marriage in its tracks, some marriages subtly fall apart over a period of several years. When you disagree with your spouse more than you agree with him or her, divorce may be inevitable. Here are a few more things that could signify your marriage may soon be over.

Lack of effort

Issues will arise in every marriage, and when they do, both spouses should commit to resolving the issue. Making a marriage work requires effort from both spouses. When you’re the only spouse who is making an effort to resolve marital issues, it could be a sign that divorce is on the horizon. The relationship can feel loveless or empty if your spouse is failing to participate or do his or her part to make the marriage work.

No compromising

Compromise is a big part of any successful marriage. Marriage is a dance of give-and-take that requires constant and effective communication. However, if your spouse never takes your needs into consideration, or refuses to communicate his or her needs, the marriage could be heading for failure. Marriage will rarely work when one or both spouses are not interested in finding middle ground.

Lack of intimacy

A lack of intimacy is often one of the most obvious signs that spouses are heading for a separation. Every relationship will go through dry spells, but when there’s a prolonged lack of sexual intimacy, it often signifies bigger issues within your relationship. When one partner refuses to communicate or do anything about an absence of intimacy within a marriage, it often leaves the other party feeling unloved, unfulfilled and unhappy.


Mutual respect between spouses is an important part of a healthy marriage. If you are constantly feeling dismissed and rejected, it can mean that you’re not in a healthy relationship. Disrespect in a marriage can lead to feelings of contempt, which in turn can lead to resentment. Once your marriage gets to this point, divorce may be the best option.

Marriage is complicated and requires effort from both you and your spouse. However, even when a relationship appears healthy and happy on the outside, marriages are not always what they seem. When problems arise, some couples are able to work through their issues and rebuild their marriage. However, in some instances, you’re better off going your separate ways. If you feel like your marriage is over and headed for divorce, there is help and support readily available.