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The rate of divorce declines in West Virginia

Mar 17, 2023 | Divorce

divorce rates in west virginia

West Virginia couples divorce for many reasons. They may realize that they no longer want the same things out of life. Some divorces are due to financial issues and some involve infidelity. Divorce rates change over time and by following these changes, those who are considering divorce can better understand the process and prepare themselves for the inevitable life adjustments that come after a divorce.

Fewer divorces in the state

A recent study showed that divorce rates in West Virginia have declined in the past decade. While this study doesn’t reveal the reasons for fewer divorces, it does show that fewer people are getting married in the state. The trend of fewer marriages means there are fewer couples to divorce.

There are other reasons that could contribute to a decrease in divorce rates. People may decide to stay together until minor children are grown and out on their own. They may also try a trial separation, rather than a more permanent solution like divorce, to try and work out marital issues. Lastly, some couples choose to stay together simply to avoid the financial ramifications that can come when going through a divorce.

Seek legal advice when contemplating divorce

Choosing to divorce is usually never easy, no matter the reasons behind the decision. When one decides that divorce is the right choice, one can get advice from a family law attorney to understand how to proceed forward. Matters like child support, asset division, and parenting schedules must be decided based on the state’s laws. West Virginia couples may understandably dread going through a divorce, but there are many legitimate reasons why divorce is the best choice for everyone involved.