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Social Security Disability Insurance

If you cannot work due to a physical/mental condition that is expected to keep you from working for at least one full year, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. However, did you know that most people who apply are initially denied benefits? If you already applied and were denied, don’t give up hope. You have options, and Arnold & Bailey can help you explore those options. 

Our firm helps clients with all stages of their Social Security Administration claims, taking cases from the initial application level all the way through appeals. If your claim has been denied or if you simply need assistance with the application process, contact us today. We can provide guidance and representation to help you get benefits to which you are entitled.

What Happens If My SSD Claim Was Rejected?

Our firm can help you by:

  • Requesting a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ) and representing you at that hearing.
  • Requesting a review from the Appeals Council – this involves filing a written argument explaining why the ALJ ruling was wrong – and representing you in that review.

To schedule an appointment in our Charles Town office, please call 304-930-5721 or send our office an email. The consultation is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose by talking with our attorneys.