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An amicable divorce is possible

It is often said that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. While many regard the process as a contentious affair with couples battling for their best share in the courtroom, the reality is that the situation does not have to be that way. If two divorcing...

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What to do and not do in divorce

Whether a West Virginia couple has known for a while their marriage is not working out or one spouse simply decides one day to abandon the marriage, divorce can bring about a range of emotions for both parties. As emotional as the process can be, those...

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Cities with highest rates of divorce

Divorce can happen for many reasons, and couples in virtually every corner of the country choose to go through the process. However, one health-related website recently analyzed data taken from the U.S. Census Bureau and determined that certain cities see higher rates...

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Effective co-parenting tips

Going through a divorce can cause a lot of stress on everyone involved, including any children the couple may have. As the parents’ top priorities should be the well-being of their children, they should work on making the process as smooth and stress free as possible...

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Protecting a 401(k) in divorce

Like many other states, West Virginia is an equitable distribution state when it comes to divorce. That means the court will not necessarily split marital assets 50/50 but will work for a distribution of property that is equitable to both parties. Most divorcing...

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