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How is pet custody determined in divorce?

When a married couple parts ways, shared pets can be particularly emotional issues. It is common for individuals to ask how pet custody is determined in West Virginia. As with many divorce-related issues, the answer to this question can vary from state to state. In...

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Things to know about temporary divorce orders

Many West Virginia parents are preparing to file petitions in civil court. Such petitions are often submitted to request divorce, although the reasons that have prompted such requests are unique to each spouse. A particular judge overseeing a case may issue temporary...

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The role of witnesses in a divorce case

Going through a divorce can quickly turn into a complex situation. When you and your spouse cannot agree on how to divide your assets, the resulting litigation becomes even more critical. Building your case can depend on critical details that support the ultimate...

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What happens after a divorce is finalized?

Many West Virginia individuals look forward to the day they can “finalize” their divorce. Usually, this means looking forward to the day when the dotted line is signed and all details are agreed upon. While this is certainly a momentous occasion, it is important to...

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Divorcing young: dos and don’ts

While there is plenty of advice out there about separation and divorce, very few articles address the unique circumstances that can come with going through a divorce as a very young adult. However, those divorcing in their early 20s are in a unique situation that...

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